2019 Farm to Thread came to life with the simple concept of sustainability, quality, connection and the love for the environment. From our expeditions around the world we were blessed to spend time with local artisans practicing ancestral traditions. It was as if every fiber of our body was vibrating of love. 
We work closely with our communities to create a variety of designs that fit many sizes. Our intent is to bringing together nature’s pure elements of natural fibers and plant dyes while sourcing sustainably without any middle man.
We pride ourselves in paying our weavers directly while producing a unique, one of a kind experience for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Quality and slow fashion from one person’s hand to another!
FarmToThread's mission is to provide dedicated communities with the resources and knowledge obtained from our partners of local artisans preserving their ancestral traditions. We've been blessed enough to connect with such amazing people allowing a variety of unique one of a kind hand made products from around the world using sustainable practices.
With our fair trade wages from your support we can help contribute in funding higher education and most important livelihood and independence.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ― Margaret Mead



We constantly are expanding our communities of artisans as we travel and unite with villages, so stay tuned! What we love most about FarmToThread is the knowledge we are gaining. We had no idea how cotton is processed and spun to make shirts, or how you can make the most amazing colors from plants! When our inventory arrive we are so excited, always amazed with the results, such a surprise with slow fashion and hand made you are guaranteed unique throughout the entire process.


The satchel purses come in a variety of colors according to what is available. They are sourced from our partners located in the central Kenya region, made from sisal, wool or baobab tree bark. The baobab tree is named the roots of sky the largest succulent in the world. This baby stores up to 32,000 gallons of water in its tree trunk and can grow up to 8 stories high! The outer bark is hard and fibrous while the inside is soft and spongy, fascinating. Once the Bark sheds it is than used for weaving leaving the tree un affected in the process from its natural regeneration.

Sisal is a plant in the agave family, the inner core is very resilient and extremely strong perfect for weaving, creating structures and even furniture. This plant is a huge source of income in this region, once the plant has been stripped from the skin the fiber is exposed and ready to be dried out for a 24 hour period before being ready to weave. All dyes are made from roots, leaves, bark and plants, making sure their is no hazardous material left for mother earth to intake from the ground or waterways.

 The Woven shirts are made in the North Central region of Thailand, the cotton is sourced directly from their fields from generations passed to generations, assuring no harsh chemicals are used in the picking of cotton as we know cotton is one of the highest sprayed commodities.

Around 8-10oz of cotton is used to make each garment and takes anywhere from 5-6months for the plant to reproduce according to the climate. Once the cotton is picked their is a time consuming  process of stretching and spinning the cotton balls into thread. All dyes used are according to the native plants from the region consisting of barks, leaves,roots and plants. A process of boiling and drying over a period of days ensures a color that is vibrant and long lasting. Once the thread is ready to weave, using a  large fabric loom to create these intricate and one of a kind patterns for everyone to appreciate and love!

We thank you for your support and look forward to adding to our family of partners in this evolving journey.