Our Dyes

At FarmToThread, we pride ourself in our eco-friendly approach to slow fashion. One of the most destructive elements in the fashion industry is the dyeing process. Thousands of synthetic dyes and chemicals are used everyday in textile dyeing. Did you know, up to 20% of all industrial water pollution is caused by fabric dyes and treatments? Because of this, it is imperative that our dyeing process comes directly from nature. All of the vibrant colors you see in our collections are created from elements such as turmeric and indigo flowers. 
Purple- Hog plum tree (dryed plum shells distilled in water overnight, bring to boil and allow oils to be extracted creating a rich purple color.)
Black- Ebony fruit (cold water extraction from the ebony fruit, the more exposure to light the darker black you will receive.) 
Blue- Indigo flower( leaves actually contains most of the dye pigment allowing over 14hrs for leaves to soak, and enzyme is added for easier breakdown of the color and stronger results.)
Yellow- Turmeric root (dried turmeric root brought to a boil over a period of 8 hours with vinegar added brings the vivid yellow color out.) 
Brown- Burma paddock bark (the bark of the Burmese paddock has beautiful rich shades of brown that are extracted when boiled over long periods of time.)
White- Natural cotton 
Green- Huekwag (leaves of the native thai tree.)
Pink- lac (Women insects secrete a resin found mostly on acacia trees with the extract you can receive many different hues of pink reds and purples depending on how long you Soak and dry the fabric.)
(Burma Paddock Bark Soaking)
(Ebony Fruit)