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Mini Kiondo Crossbody
Mini Kiondo Crossbody

Mini Kiondo Crossbody

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Kiondo bags are traditionally made from Sisal, Wool and Leather for the straps. They come in beautiful ethnic tones and colors.

Get your Kiondo and see why so many people rely on them! Kiondos are strong, durable and very practical bringing out an ethnic feel and look!

Every detail is remarkable and very intricate using specific weaving patterns that are unique to each tribe they are sourced from. Neutral colors come from plants, leaves, roots or tree barks assuring that Mother Nature is not harmed in the process. Bright colors are achieved from low impact synthetic dyes.

Made by our partners in Central Kenya.

Please note! All patterns are different. The one you will receive is similar to the one pictured.

Size: About 8 1/2" x 6" x 9"
Material: Wool, Leather

Country: Kenya